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Those Who Float

On Jul 4, 2012 david doane wrote:

 I suppose all of our fears and our fighting against them is fighting something inside the self, and ultimately fighting self.  The point as I see it is to trust myself and trust life, which is very difficult to do.  I can do it in some areas sometimes, and don't do it in other areas.  I am often "treading water."  For example, when I give a talk, I get anxious, fear not doing well, which results in my preparing in ways that wear me out, and then speaking from my memory instead of from my heart.  In so doing I tread water and don't really float.  The fear is within me -- I generate it.  The solution is for me  to trust me and the situation I am in, trust and talk from my experience, and sink or float, and my assumption is I would enjoy more alive floating and have less mediocre treading.  The challenge is to do it.  It is by doing that and floating that we develop faith in self and in life.   

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