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Those Who Float

On Jul 3, 2012 Kellie wrote:

Thank you for this inspiring read. I have become a huge fan of your writing and look forward to an auspicious drop of wisdom every time your posts show up in my email.  This one is no exception in its perfection and timing.....

For me, treading water has been a great place to is the best excuse in the world to avoid what I know is my soul's calling. 'Sorry, I am too busy trying to keep my head above water to open to change or challenge in my life' 

My husband has experienced 3 years of debilitating illness which, as I reflect on it in the light of this article, was a very painful but effective way we both decided to 'tread water'. Our mutual conspiracy to ignore our creative urges seemed to attract this perverse kind of escape from facing our greatest fears - that we were inherently flawed and were certain to fail. It took a long time before we 'wisened' up and decided  to shift out of this untenable situation. Saying ' is time to turn this awful experience around' was all it took for dramatic shifts to begin happening. The first was discovering a path to we had been fighting against as not a viable option...western medicine after all was poison, unspiritual and inherently unhealthy. Yet, in desperation, we turned there only to find compassion, support, loving kindness and solutions. Now,  new opportunities to expand our life coaching endeavors and a writing career for me have arrived at our door ....  scary as it seems to be allowing the water to hold us up, it is way scarier to stay in the exhaustive struggle with the status quo.

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