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    On Jun 29, 2012 Chris wrote:

    Great story, Smita! Love the wave imagery, and dig the metaphor of 'diving in' to swelling challenges and experiencing the freedom of that surrender.  Resonate with this passage too, and the 'not-my-most-brilliant' intervention. :) I had a conversation with a friend recently where we touched on the death impulse, the thought that dying might be better than facing what's going on in our lives. I wondered aloud what it would be like to explore the feelings of that impulse (and we then did)--sounds dangerous at first, but my hope is to find that kind of freedom in diving into the experience in an exploratory way (rather than having to actually enact it)...and then like the waves, perhaps there's something else waiting to be found underneath.  Me, I'm exploring both sides these days, the inward exploring and the outward acting. I try to set a beneficial intention in moments of inward exploration. And from there, letting go of how I perceived others wanted or expected me to be has had me renewing my faith in my own easeful, instinctual way of being in the world.

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