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Looking With Head, Heart, and Hands

On Jun 26, 2012 Edit Lak wrote:

The first thing I thought of after reading this wonderful  piece was all those dedicated farmers talking to their animals, vegetation, herbs, berries and trees and being one with all – stunning.. The experiences of living  life in the moment, no matter how hard, fast, complex , confusing or even rewarding, but living with all the senses, believing in every core of one’s passion being to see, feel , touch and think outside the reactionary box, embracing and communicating with all beings in nature – for we are nature itself.  Was the stuck bird any different to a large and dark universe we talk to and negotiate with - yes I think so,  as this lovely lady trusted her own being and cut through the fear to talk to the moment  and work with nature.. A gift is the bird that scared ego not to have a say and put mental nature in its place for that moment while the true loving self spirit was free to see, think, feel and do...  Beautiful,  just a beautiful piece to read, with a great soul lesson of something to aspire to..  

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