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    On Jun 2, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     In my way of being, love is at the center-the main motivator, the apsirer and inspirer in my life. In love threre is giving and receiving unconditionally where the distinction between giving and receiving goes away. It is an expereince of merging. It is a meeting place of head and heart resulting in whilesome actions.

    I have spent seventy five years of my life teaching. It has been a joyful journey of my life. My relationship with my parents and brothers and sisters was also founded on love and so also my relationship wirh my wife. She was raised in a very rich family but came to a very poor famly and became a loving member of the entire family.

    I have gone through some heavy duty difficult times in my life but love has been my life holder. It is very difficult for me to relate to power and fame hungry forcefu leaders or people I come across in my life.How to be  compassionte to such people is a challenge for me. I do not hate them but also I do not love them. I want to be authentic and compassionate and that is a challenge I have been going through at this stage of my life.

    May I continue facing the challenge of cultivating loving kindness for those whom I do'nt like and want to stay away from them!

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