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Response Vs. Reaction

On Jun 11, 2012 Virendra Sahdev wrote:

Awakening only can come from love..universal love ..... and then we may be able to response to any situation and not react... reaction will always create negative emotions, like anger, grief, divide whereas love will generate goodwill, win-win situation and positive emotions
We can never win hearts with arguments or confrontations even though we may seem to win the argument.. it only  creates divides, whereas love evolves a feeing of compassion, empathy and  peace.

Imagine a situation, you are driving in a car.. suddenly a cyclist crosses the road in front of you... you react to the situation.. curse the person,. the system... all negative thoughts leading to divide.. and making you ill at ease..
Just try to change the perspective.. what compulsions that old person must be having.. to cross the road risking his life.. big family to support.. meagre means.. can't afford even a bus ride.. has to reach his work after attending to daily chores like fetching water from a far away public hand pump.. the entire situation will change to love and empathy and you will give way to the person with smile and a sense of gratitude for what you have..

Response with love, can change the entire world

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