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Living at the Right Speed

On Feb 6, 2007 supun wrote:

I don't know if Slow or Fast is better. I think fast is futile if it's motivated by unreal expectations or that greedy side of you. Fast is good if you just want to find limits or boundary conditions to yourself. I've always thought that you only need to be Slow if you find yourself to not be concious of the things you need to be (ie careless). On another note, I was talking to either my friend Suhk or Sonali and we were saying that taking a breath is one of the most intense things you can do. It's intense (imagine all the life force being taken to your millions of cells with each breath or at least something needed to react for that life force to exist) but we are built for it to be so easy. I enjoy intense things that come with little effert it's kind of "chaotic" -- that's my play on words for today :)

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