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Is the Universe Friendly?

On May 5, 2012 Navin sata wrote:

 GOD= GENARATES INFINITE ENERGY,O=OPERATES WITH THIS ENERGY , D= DESTROYS, in hinduism we call it brahma,vishnu,mahesh,one god three function for our limited understanding,our lord is always SAT{TRUTH} CHIT{AWERNESS} ANAND{BLISS} with this solid faith I look at universe ,enjoy Nature and beauty in everything,his hands that paints the sky ,smile on childrens faces ,every seasons of nature and Life,some wise person said look for god within,than around you in family friends,and than every where in universe , when one has faith along this belief than we want have any question .God is every where so he does not  play dice with universe. as long as we have greed we will have war in and out all around us. How much money world spends on weapons and war in last one century ,half that money if we spend on needs of humanity ,?????????? Eternal can not be control by limited selfish mankind always love navin

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