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Response Vs. Reaction

On May 2, 2012 Amber wrote:

 I am 23 but since a very young age, I would some times ask God why. My parents were constantly fighting, over this or that and I remember praying to God to kill me so i could escape the chaos. Thank goodness for Him he did not answer me, instead it pushed me one step closer to that deeper place. I thirsted to become whole, I was ravenous for what I did not totally understand all the time. Some thing that no one, no person, no place and no item could give. Now looking back I can see the divisions in life but seeing them and not react negatively to some things is a work in progress. So I refrain from doing or saying any thing and put myself in that persons shoes and think about the big picture. Then and only after that process can I make a response with a scene of pure love, compassion.

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