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Response Vs. Reaction

On May 1, 2012 Mony Dojeiji wrote:

What a great article! I couldn't agree more. Whatever you dislike or judge on the outside has its roots within your very own heart. I have been working with a tremendous technique used by Hawaiian shamans for millennia called Ho'oponopono. The technique states that I am 100% responsible for ALL that is in my experience. It is all within me, and I am placing it in my experience so that I can see it and ultimately heal it using Love. 

You only need to say the following words: I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

Although it sounds simple, there is a great energy shift that happens when you do this, and when you understand what's behind the words. It's a little too long to get into here, but If you are interested, I speak about how I used Ho'oponopono to help me with a specific fear that I held regarding the safety of my daughter (!/2011/07/healing-with-hooponopono.html). I hope you find it helpful.

With love and light,

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