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Living at the Right Speed

On Feb 6, 2007 P. Sasidhar wrote:

It is a very interesting piece of observation on fast and slow behaviour/response of an individual to meet the present day challenges. The ‘thoughts’ by Carl Honore bring out the fact that there are two sides of an individual: Internal and external. One can be fast or slow in both manifestations. There is no clear prescription, whether one should be fast or slow in both facets viz., internal and external. I believe that whether one is fast or slow, one has to be always cool and collective. One should strive for calm, careful, receptive, intuitive, patient, reflective and quality-over-quantity in all situations. The balance in physical sense of ‘slow and fast’ is very essential as Carl Honore observed. But at mental plane all the qualities he observed for ‘Slow’ should apply equally well in ‘Fast’ scenario also. To extend my reasoning little further, in a game of chess, a computer plays the game at a fast pace but demonstrates all the qualities of a slow and cool performer yet it is fast aggressive, analytical, active, unstressed, patient and not missing the aspect of quality-over-quantity. I am no way concerned with the result of the game but only prefer to emulate those super cool ‘Borg’ like attitude. A similar task is performed at different speeds by two individuals in a stress free, calm mode would lead better life. The right speed is different for both individuals.Kudos to Carl Honore. Sasidhar

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