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Science As Spiritual Practice

On Apr 7, 2012 L wrote:

Very nicely said. There are a few differences in these two paths, however. Science can be absolute, and tested by empirical fact. Whereas life cannot be tested repeatedly because it is the 'truth' for each individual person. Moreover, it is only myopically that one can make decisions in life, whereas scientific truths are again different.

I am at the stage where I am making an inquiry about myself, triggered by an event. Because I did not think about this question deeply enough earlier, now am in a position that I now am realizing several things that were hidden before. It is surprising, a little bit disappointing, but mostly interesting and empowering. I am also not sure for how long I will be able to stay in the curious and inquiring (scientific) frame of mind, so I will also have to observe if this will cause negative feelings later.

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