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An Ego Strategy to Avoid Surrender

On Mar 28, 2012 SK wrote:

 Very provoking piece of thought with some profound insights as others have alluded to. There is no doubt that the focus on ego leads to a path of disaster, while awareness and ease with oneself/subconscious processes mitigates the effects of the ego. great recipe for thought by Mr Tolle as usual.

But I also think that Mr Tolle takes the analogy a bit over the top by suggesting that if a person is singled out as special, it is necessarily a manifestation of discontent or strategy to avoid surrender.  The caveats of relationships with people (or things) that have been singled out as special are well delineated in this piece, but the same relationships can be also be very meaningful, rewarding and a source of content. It is difficult to view all relationships with people or things through this somewhat dark Eckhartian lens.

The definition of true love that is provided includes no wanting from your partner or any desire for the partner to change. Although seemingly lofty, this definition cannot stand the test of practical social interaction or any sense of progress. Desiring mutual respect and a positive change in your partner cannot be held antithetical to true love.

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