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An Ego Strategy to Avoid Surrender

On Mar 27, 2012 Ross wrote:

Looking outside seems so much easier and protects us from looking within. Ironically as boring and slow as it may be, the looking within ultimately may reveal the only thing that is continously with us. What we avoid knowing may not be as ugly as we fear, it may not save us but in reality nor would another human being, title or wealth. It may be just as ordinary and mundane as anything/anyone else OUT THERE. This is a major struggle for me, having chased many careers, lived in many countries, had relationships, married etc. I have crammed my brain with enough knowledge and skills to last many life times!! I have been practicing Buddhism theortically for 10 years, I say theoretically because the practice is hard, it is always easier to surf the net, watch a dvd or do anything that can fill the time you can be meditating. When I look back on some of my days to see what I did in place of meditation, the triviality is pretty amazing. we shall go on, hopefully and very slowly :)

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