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    On Mar 23, 2012 varsha wrote:

    Namaste one and all and all in one.  ;)  This passage reminded me of different terms used to describe Nature-- life, love, ecology, interconnection, interdependence, biodiversity/species richness/true wealth (Nature's great university where all unique life forms/species live in harmony and unity).  I think of the word biomimicry as mimicking life (the process, the species, the way life works—ecology).  I have learned so much from Nature (and I feel our true nature mimics that, including how at Wednesday the Mehta/Metta family provides by allowing the abundance to spill forth and share, just how Nature does).  Nature (and children, too!) is the best teacher.  I feel humans as a species (one of the newest on the planet, in terms of the age of our planets and stars) have an ability to get in touch with the rest of life and evolve to a state of interdependence.  We just have been distracted or living life as if we were in a realm separate from the rest of life’s species (when in reality, our very existence is a receiving of the abundance of Nature—from the food we eat, the structures we live in, our clothing, etc.).  Nature inspires us to see us as simply one part in the web of all life.  We are not the controllers/dominators—we are subjects, just like other life forms.  We are a part of creation, but also can act as co-creators to live more equanimously/in homeostasis/balance with all life.  I remember times of walking through the Redwood forests, in awe of the trees’ ages, magnificent heights, and unconditional love/giving of shade, oxygen, and habitat to all life’s species.  I also know that there is a certain stillness that comes about when in these woods.  It allows me to step outside my “self”/shell and experience life more wholly/holy.  It is a crying reminder that spending time (especially alone) in the natural world is soo…important to our health/wellbeing, and hence, to all of life.  One way to mimic life is to become a part of it—the process.  If we see, from/by experience that our every breath, thought, emotion, and energy are part of the one wholeness, we would live more gently on the planet (I feel stillness—akin to the metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies and tadpoles to frogs) is key to this experience; it allows us to listen to what’s inside our hearts and expand our hearts to include all).  I see technology as a tool (can be used wisely or unwisely) and the inner technology of BEing and truly seeing/experiencing all as one merely allows us to really see that we are a part of the Earth (our bodies are of the Earth, and so we are pieces of Earth prouncing around in a certain form for some time-frame until there is change, which is the one thing that seems to remain constant in life).  As one of the latest/newest species, I hope we learn this from our elders/older species, and live in awareness.  I also feel blessed to have heard the author speak live, and it’s AWEsome to see all the cool examples of biomimicry that exist.  :)

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