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    On Mar 20, 2012 Edit Lak wrote:

    Yes...  Everything starts when the tools of destruction are put down and the seeds of love are sown instead, with that action alone, wisdom is grown..  Wisdom and Food. .. Huh this has blown my mind, since a child I remember that we had a ‘throw your rubbish in the bins campaign’ but we never had a throw your seeds everywhere campaign so it can grow to feed all of us...  That would be great and genius.. However; I almost read this paragraph of Janine Benyus in a laughing ‘paradoxical’ state, as, ecological science is the science we needed to have from the other bio-hazardous, GM sciences we have...  We needed to make a good science – intelligence from the bad we made...  We need to get back to the Earth – Genius – Not at all..   Its almost hilarious though.. We have an amazing universe that saves us from harm, we have a lush earth that can feed, heal and protect us from all the elements, we have no boundaries as we are all connected to the same life sources, we have a life that contributes to the whole life of ‘us’ .. So where are we now, after the fist plain that dropped the first bomb, Nowhere, we are bio- mimics of our own fears.. we have been made as bio-human to mimic and follow others that sell a story of genius,  so while we bio-mimic and not live, we will never  have vision in the quote of  ‘Let the living lessons begin’ That’s ironic because were killing everything and still learning nothing... But... as we philosophise on where we have gone wrong ‘what’ and how to grow food ‘what’ so the world starves and dies.. Yep... Seriously...  So I think don’t mimic – start acting  - plant and grow – heal and give, no science or genius needed, as there are Positions Vacant on Earth and it requires Genuine Humans to partake in living, giving, loving, growing, learning - no gimmicks needed :-)This was interesting to read on the complexity of ‘just’ using words, words, words...Hmm.. 

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