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Making Friends with the Present Moment

On Mar 4, 2012 David Doane wrote:

 I certainly agree with your statement, Alan, and your three insights/messages.  They're actually very basic truths about life, it's just that we humans often don't accept them and live that way.  I have found that being in the present becomes a habit, just like not living in the present is a habit.  Being in the present is a way of being that makes me in the world but not of it, which dI've come to cherish.  It sometimes means I'm in a very different consciousness than others, and that's usually okay.  Being in the present is alive.  Meeting the present, becoming familiar with being present, appreciating being present is to make friends with the present.  My work is as a psychotherapist -- I'm fortunate in that my 'work' as a psychotherapist is to be present, focus on present process.  Being present is psychotherapy.   

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