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Making Friends with the Present Moment

On Mar 4, 2012 PK wrote:

I remember a scene in Peaceful Warrior movie where the hero asks the teacher to help him be in the present moment -- and do it quickly because he needs to go to class soon. The teacher nods and throws the student into a nearby creek. The student was caught unaware and comes out screaming and shivering with cold asking whether he has gone crazy. The teacher asks quietly -- what were you thinking when you were falling into the creek -- the answer was nothing. I could not think. Then the question was whether the student was worried about the future or thinking about the past --- the answer again was no. Then the teacher says that -- you were present to what is happening. your mind was out of the way. your language for that experience was --- aaahhhh.

I have found the same thing again and again. When I am in the moment, there is no language for it. Only after the moment passes, I can think about it, compare it or explain it. but in the moment, there was only experience -- 'I' was not present. 

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