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Seeing is an Act

On Feb 15, 2012 Samata wrote:

 Dear Friends,

Are you well?  Right now?............I appreciate the view of action in this piece.  I feel that we humans mostly associate 'action' (that is the word 'action') with what are actually our reactions.  We call reactions actions because we are thinking and therefor unaware that we are actually a slave to reactions, which are 'acts' based in habitual tendencies.  But it seems a true act stems from an open place a place of non-condition and is lacking these normal habitual influences.

It is our story and our egoic justification of it.   Yet in 'seeing', as the author puts it, there is a freedom from reaction which is the most powerful action - a directed effort towards a still and pure observation.  If our effort (action) is carefully directed thinking will simply fade.  If we force it, thinking will be repressed.

In love and gratitude I word towards understanding.  May you be ever well.
-Samata :)

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