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The Great Dictator

On Feb 11, 2012 PK wrote:

 The key to deal with our own fears, uncontrollable desires or greed is turning them around. A mother might be afraid of dogs all her life but when she sees her daughter going closer to a dog, she will get over her fear instantly. Love triumphs fear. Similarly, desire gets reframed when we give instead of consume. How many of us remember the feeling of getting something we always wanted vs. giving some gift that brought a big smile and a bear hug from others?
Inner GPS are Guilt, Pride and Shame and those are social control mechanisms. Religion, moral traditions help us to stay within societal norms through GPS and they are connected with our greed, violence and hatred.
What I found in my life and that of others is to reframe GPS to mean something meaningful for us -- genorosity or gratitude instead of guilt; passion or purpose instead of pride; and service instead of shame... You see where I am going -- create your own meaning for GPS -- then you have more energy and interest in connecting and uniting with others!

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