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Seeing is an Act

On Jan 31, 2012 Ricky wrote:

We are ‘…a star with no name’ according to Rumi.  It is in the awareness of knowing we don’t know that expands the mind.  It is the conscious act of shaking off culture’s determinism and its need to explain with scientific certainty everything that remains a mystery.  It is the wisdom of ‘seeing’ our samskaras, our patterns of thought, and allowing the plasticity of the brain to change, to reroute these signals, to a new expansive and holistic way of moving through our daily lives that allows us that moment of clarity, so thrilling and full of insight.  ‘Seeing’ is experiencing with the heart.  Remembering who we really are…living in the present both the role of ego and the infinite Self…exhilarating, fleeting, moments. 

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