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Seeing is an Act

On Jan 28, 2012 David Doane wrote:

 I resisted the opening thoughts in this piece.  I don't know that seeing is the most important thing -- granted, I don't know what the author means by seeing.  As for seeing bringing certainty, my seeing brings more awareness of the lack of certainty.  I do agree that I am a slave to my mechanical thoughts and especially to my attachment to them, and it is important to free myself from them.  As for freeing myself, I suppose it's good for me to free myself if I know what the slavery is or not.  Freedom is freedom.  I do agree that seeing without a preconceived idea is important -- seeing what is rather than seeing preconceptions.  As for relaxing, it is worthwhile to relax before knowing why -- what good is it to know why?  The final paragraph I particularly agree with, that is, being free from the past, being open, receptive, respectful, is the doorway to the cosmic, is the beginning of a sense of the cosmic, which is a sense that I am a part of and am one with all that is, and that is a joy of life. 

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