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Why Do Social Work?

On Jan 24, 2012 Shivani wrote:

 Beautiful article ! Brings up 2 very  important questions which we often forget to reflect on deeply when we embark on any mission::
1) What is my motivation for doing this activity ?
Is the desire to serve driven by external factors to somehow in some capacity please the world or escape my troubles OR is it driven by a deeper understanding that service allows me to lay less importance on my 'individual perceived  self' (my body, my intellect etc..) and more on the 'collective macro self'  (making up the society). It thereby, cultivates in me dispassion, ability to discriminate between right/wrong-real/ephemeral, firms up my conviction in the real/right, quietens and internalizes the mind, aligns perception and action, enhances ability to endure without lamenting.
2) What will be my ongoing relationship with the activity?

Will it be transaction based? ("what do I give and what do I get?" kind..) or will it be of complete surrender? ( "I give all of me at that moment and the very act of giving is the reward in itself").  

When the answer is latter to both the questions, it moves us internally in un-quantifiable yet  very enriching ways..

Thank you for sharing this article !!

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