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Why Do Social Work?

On Jan 24, 2012 anneleise wrote:

This resonated with me. I work in sustainable community development which I became drawn to after a wide range of experience in different areas including media and teaching. In my first project manager role I burnt out. During the long healing time recovering I realised so many people in NFPs and that do "idealistic" work in a way that is self-abusive and unsustainable.
How can we encourage or "be the change" when we don't treat ourselves as precious? So I somewhere came to this realisation that who we are colours the work we do. This has been an evolving 13 year work in progress so far, and I've not long come out of 18mths of virtual retreat, living in extreme rural isolation, to try and do my inner work and clean out all that does not align with my deepest values.  I find all these processes are ongoing works, and understanding deepens with each revisit. Perhaps that is where the action cultivates self knowledge. My personal take The full heart giving to the world overflows, the empty heart sucks back fills with the misery of others.

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