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Why Do Social Work?

On Jan 22, 2012 Prasad wrote:

A friend of mine lamented: "why do I do what I do? why do I want to help others? people say that I genuinely want to help but do I really? I thought about it a lot because the instinct to help comes very quickly and naturally. But when I reflect, that desire doesn't last when people are not around. On reflection, I realized that I like to help because I want their approval. I also realized that it does not matter who they are, I want their approval. Then it came to me that even they know that I want their approval and they take advantage me and use me as well.  Having this self awareness does not help by itself. Because knowing does not give deeper understanding. Until I understand myself and appreciate the games my ego plays, action of right kind does not emerge from just awareness..."

Now I keep keep asking myself -- it it not just my friend that has approval need, I fall into the same trap except that I did not have that awareness till he mentioned. Unfortunately, right action does not emerge out of other people's insights! i I have to wait for my own awareness to emerge!


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