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What is Ego?

On Jan 11, 2007 wes wrote:

"What is ego?" Ego is the projector of "I" in "I am". "Ego is the deeply felt sense of being separate and superior." No, it's not necessarily the latter, and is only the former in a manner that varies from your apparent intention. Ego is what separates the observer from the observed. It is what allows separation of matter into meaning. Ego simply provides context for perception. If it finds itself patently "superior", it is likely an "unhealthy" ego, one that cares not if its context and perception are harmonious. "Indeed, it is an emotional and psychological compulsion to see and feel the self as being separate from and superior to the other, the world, and the whole universe." Close, but in a healthy ego - it recognizes that it is both separate from - and integral to the systems you mention. If it were not "separate from", it could not utilize language, as language is meaning and meaning is subjective. It may not however, understand or have come to terms with the inter-connectedness of it all and such. With the butterfly effect and blah blah blah. "It is that locus point where the sense of individuality is also a sense of alienation, where the experience of autonomy is also one of isolation, and where even the experience of freedom is always shadowed, by a deeper sense, at the core of our being, by a sense of bondage, limitation, and hopelessness." What an utterly self-depricating crock of badness. That's just negativity. Funny that it took ego for you to write that thing there about how bad ego is. Lol. Sick I tellsya. *sigh* Ego is the projector. It is what allows you, motivates you to interact and learn. You just trashed yourself, and I think you deserve better. Love thyself brother, and love thy neighbor. I don't think anything is to be gained by what it would seem you propose "you already hate yourself, you just might not realize it". To me, that's just sick and twisted right there... Lol. You're all "bask in my wisdom, bitches - YOU SUCK". Well I beg to differ sah! Bask in MY wisdom! HA! Lol. Sorry I'm a dork and I love it.

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