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    On Dec 12, 2011 Pancho wrote:

     My family calls me Pancho and many of you don't know me, but I'd like you to know that I love you all.

    Last Wednesdays I shared a brief story and a reflection of our true nature. The CF-parents were not at the Kindness Temple since they were spreading loving-kindness and the real (r)evolution in the part of the Planet we call India. This snippet gives you a flavor of the magnitude of an entire family in full service to humanity. Subtle beauty at its best :-)
    Because Mamá Harshida and Papá Dinesh weren't physically there with us, I'm writing this piece. These were the three points that flowed through me, and while I shared only two that night, here are three ;-):
    1. Cultivating Gratitude: Not So Lost Wisdom
    2. Every Breath, Every Step
    3. The US%
    1. Cultivating Gratitude: Not So Lost Wisdom
    All Wednesdays and Saturdays, we host a vegan lunch --cooked by one of the anchor volunteers-- for all volunteers at the Free Farm. Last Wednesday, as we were about to hold hands before lunch, a group of students from London showed up to learn about the farm. They only had an hour or so to be with us, so they chose to have a tour instead of having lunch. A kind veteran volunteer offered to give them the tour. Then a dear sister, a woman descendent from Native Americans, approached me and the sweet elder asked me: "I saw you preparing that beautiful plate of food, and then you left it on the center of the table, and it's been sitting there. Are you offering it to the Great Spirit?".
    It caught me by surprise. 
    I was not thinking about the Great Spirit or the Creator. I was preparing a plate of food for the tour-guide volunteer. So my answer was: "No" and then I corrected myself and said, "but Yes and No" :-) I explained that my original purpose and then she, very gently, and full of love as if she wanted me to feel without any sort of guilt, she suggested: "you can always offer a small collard tree leaf with some rice." She succeed. Beaming smiles, she accepted my hug and I accepted the wisdom of gratitude coming from this wise elder. Cultivating gratitude at the farm.
    Then, I felt an immense joy and, combined with the wisdom of people from the Wednesadays' carpool, this flowed through me:
    2. Every Breath, Every Step
    What if every breath we take on the Earth is an offering to the Universal Love? What if every step we take on the Earth is an offering to the Universal Love? The power of a pure and noble soul is in every person's heart and it will grow as a seed as we breathe in a sacred manner, it will grow as a seed as we walk in a sacred manner. If every breath we take is an offering to the Universal Love, then we will always be breathing in a sacred manner. If every step we take is an offering to the Universal Love, we will always be walking in a sacred manner.
    3. The US%
    As the bus in the passage, the Great Turning is coming. The 1% cannot get physically rich without the consent of the 99%. In this problem, we, the 99%, share most of the responsibility. Stop cooperating. Start facilitating the healing of the 100%.
    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.

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    On May 1, 2013 madhur wrote:

    Loved your comments, thanks for the wisdom. 

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