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Letter to My Grandson

On Dec 10, 2011 jo wrote:

Thank you for sharing, I myself am going through some life changes, I'm planning on moving to a big city to attend a college there. I've always been a small town girl, and I'm feeling a bit axiouse about the change. Whenever I go anywhere I always feel a compulsion to take along with me several books and anything els I can grab at the last minit. I don't konw how I'm going to manage moving to a new place, but this story helped me see change in a different light, thank you.


On May 1, 2013 Someone wrote:

 Hope your journey is going good. Have faith, you may lose out on few things which give false sense of security but gain few others which help you evolve as a person. I remember my past and some of younger friends , relatives present on reading your piece. I can assure all will be good for soul, go with trust in universe!



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