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Letter to My Grandson

On Dec 6, 2011 JPSingh wrote:

nothing ever changes. the river is always the same river. the illusion that the river is not the same river is an illusion.the idea of movement is an illusion.the matter is an illusion.the space is an illusion.time is an is all happening within us the idea of pleasure .the idea of pain. the idea of hunger. the satiation.the light or is all in the is all a sum of illusions marked on celluloid.none has ever seen any of these things.none has ever seen this world.all have only believed this to be the case. the solid liquid or is all chemical within mind which creates illusion of something existing and something not existing.the illusion is created by constantly drawing lines in mind make one shorter or longer one against each other.every illusion is subject to another illusion.the concepts create counter concepts. and we  constantly get caged and bonded due to these concepts that are illusion.the important thing is to stop. witness this movement and the dream of maya creating illusion and reality. it is creation ,evolution dissolution.though actually nothing actually evolving  or devolving . as heracltus rightly said that you cant step in river twice,because in infinity which is the actual character of this river called reality ( haqiqat of sufis)how can anyone step in a river that never was.the time that never was the matter that never infinity how can anything be and not has to be beyond be and not be.

one only needs to witness a really enlightened person an avatar or a perfect master  as i said in my comment last time ( god when he created this illusory universe only created with one assurance - man will never be without a perfect master/sadguru/prophet awatar,the one trully all knowing persn. man will not be left in the world without one or the revelation to guide him in this illusory journey of life) one who has transcended the illusionary boundaries of maya. and witnessed reality as it is and not as he know who this he is ,this i is, we or  they are . he has not only seen but witnessed the whole play of maya .not with eyes but without eyes . he is all knowing without knowledge.all seing without sight , all hearing without ears. omniscient .all potent without potency.without any body or instruments he touches all .with his all compassionate and mercy-ful glances.the god or whoever the creator is has created both this ideal copy of himself who moves in body without body .because his reality is beyond not just body but beyond both.

because god when created this cage in which all mankind is bonded he also created a window for one or two to fly out .and be  a free bird as per the ideal reflected in the letter to my granson thought..avatar or perfect master or qutb is just that .he is a holy ideal towards which we all are aspiring.

it is he alone who has the capacity to stand at the bus-stand and wait for the bus indefinately without becoming perturbed.if he created despair he also created hope. if he created anxiety he also created patience.if he created fear and insecuruty he also created security .he created the lap of a mother beloved or perfect master or of himself 'the nirakar brahma' the art of waiting ,the art of cultivating resignation the art of reinforcing faith by constantly looking up and reinforcing the holy aspiration in this corpse like physical body. the art of believing in the reality of love.the reality of attraction.the whole concept of holy . the only concept worthy of love . worthy of reverence.

sorry if i was carried away. becoming too philosophical.but may be one or two might some sense in them



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