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Letter to My Grandson

On Dec 4, 2011 Thierry wrote:

As adults, with yet a tendancy to resist change as regard to ourselves and others, we are able to see  what's implied in the psychological process of attachment. What does it actually mean when we say we are attached to someone? What we are attached to, in reality, is whatever past knowledge we have about that person. So much so that when he or she changes, meaning does'nt behave according to our expectations, we then feel insecure. So the attachment is not to the person for it's own sake but to the past and to the inner comfort we derive from thinking we 'know' that person. 'Detachment', when it occurs, is only towards this persistent seeking for inner comfort and security in relationship. As we grow aware of this compulsion we are more likely to allow space for ourselves and others to change. We gain inner space and others too, by the same token.  

On May 1, 2013 luv4all wrote:

Your explanation of attachment , detachment is apt and a good learning. Thank you. 


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