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Letter to My Grandson

On Dec 3, 2011 susan schaller wrote:

My housemate told me yesterday that she was talking to a healer about her pain from Lyme disease and Diabetes.  She said the pain was so great she has had to learn how to disassociate from it in order to function.  The healer said that the practice of being unconcious - disassociation - may numb the pain, but it also disconnects her from her body's power to heal itself.

It struck me when reading that she had a choice - loss of consciousness and less growth or more consciousness with more pain (loss of some relief) and growth.

In my life, my greatest growth spurts were triggered by pain.  As long as I was comfortable enough (disassociated - unconscious), I would not look at myself and change.  Pain, often, was the needed mirror leading to self reflection, change and the growing of my bigger, connected Self. The more I uncover the resources of my greater Self (as opposed to my squirrel brain ego), the more I tap into security and love, supporting independence from temporary and illusory security blankets.

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