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Letter to My Grandson

On Dec 3, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:


Ohh my goodness, as I read this the tears rolled down my face,

As the truth of this passage is forever true.. If I only had a grandfather to teach me, If I only had a grandson to teach....   My heart couldn’t believe what has been written..  So, the truth is out there!!!

Well, it’s now later on in my life that I have learnt the words of Gottlieb.

My life; Dysfunctional family, Poverty, addictions, Isolations, loss, Cancer, Questioning spirit, Rejection, Pains.. Life.....Life, Life... Yet, in my life, and in all of these experienced ‘hardships’ I have created the amazing me .. I love the ‘life’ me..  Ha, as I just look back and think of my life,

my life as this journey, I realised I LOVED every moment of every step I took... Even the word ‘death’ didn’t distract me from the love of ‘being’ It more fuelled the fire to ‘BE’...  Look, each one has his or her own story, and anyone that doesn’t relate to this passage needs to go back to ‘young’ years and grow – now...  As many adults live in such ‘binky’ insecurities, I know I certainly did. Many adult are adult immature, many adults hide in the shadows of ‘something’, many adult are scared to feel, many adults just don’t know how..   That’s not a life, that’s not this life at all...  Life is to experience the inner thunder of the soul and spirit, it’s to be shaken up to realise we are here and we have a purpose, the validation of this is ‘breath’ while we breathe, we have a purpose... 

Anyway,  I’m just going to go and wait for the bus now,  to take me to the book shop, and buy as many copies of this book as I can  ‘Letter to Sam’ so I can read it fully, and give the rest away as a gift of LIFE and LESSON...


Much Love and Thank You


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