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Pilgrimage to Nonviolence

On Nov 16, 2011 SK wrote:

There is little doubt that non-violence is and should be the preferred method in any resistance. But shutting out the possibility of violence entirely irrespective of the situation is impractical and in my opinion undesirable. If violence is the only way to stop more violence, it becomes the preferred alternative. Buddha, the apostle of non-violence, gave tacit approval to his friend Bimbisara's account of a just war. Gandhi, in his own writings in the Hind Swaraj in the mid 1940s, acknowledged the limitations and failure of his non-violent movement. Just like it is advocated to practive non-violence without anger or malice towards the oppressor, an approach of physical violence can be chosen in some circumstances to end persistent and ongoing violence or oppression, without anger and malice towards the oppressor.

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