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Finding the Deepest Joy in Relationships

On Nov 15, 2011 Marian Schneider wrote:

 The world as it is today, not 73 years ago when I was born and raised, has become greedy, non-caring, and selfish.  I watch my grandchildren, who are in their 20's, unable to focus on the important thing in life, which is their self.  They need to "fit in", "they go with the flow", or are overcome by anxiety when they cannot find a job, but have to pay their school loans!  Is there a place within where they can find more comfort, understanding, and continue to be true to themselves?  I find my place deep in my heart and soul.  However, these young people don't understand how to do that, or they just don't care.  How can you make them understand with all the negativity in this world of greed and crime.  Would this book, "BEYOND HAPPINESS, The Zen way to True Contentment", be my salvation for them?  We are a family with Religious beliefs, but somehow they lost the key!   

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