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Pilgrimage to Nonviolence

On Nov 15, 2011 Tristan wrote:

Thank you. Wonderfully expressed. And by Shradha also.

I have long seemed to practice this. But I was told recently to get in touch with feelings I was unaware of under my peaceful demeanor, to unblock childhood memories. I've been trying, and now I must admit I feel hatred at the thought of every member of my abusive immediate family. So the feelings are opposite to my deepest motivations, and I must accept that and see how things might change.

I have trained myself very well over decades now to not base my actions on my feelings. It feels tho that maybe some of us who had these cowardly haters (I feel deep sympathy/empathy for their own pain, but abhor their reaction to it that they inflict on others) get inside our head when we were too young to understand, may fall to pieces emotionally practising what MLK has so wisely advocated. May need to kill myself to avoid getting sucked into this internal and external violence that the petty subconsious of an emotionally malformed animal demands. So be it. "It must be our blood"

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