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    On Nov 15, 2011 Shradha wrote:

    There are forces of good and forces of evil. Both oppose and fight for their dominance.

    Dominance is control and control is like water , in never stays in one place. And if it does it stagnates and stinks.Dominance gives a sense of power , superiority and thus security.

    However , dominance which is won by force comes with deep fear of losing it and thus the person struggles to keep a hold over that power and retain a sense of superiority by paying a huge cost...At the Cost of one’s own peace.

    Dominance comes in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual forms.

    The ego is motivated to achieve superiority when it is insecure and ignorant of the true nature of peace.

    Thus many people in the society are suppressed and controlled to satisfy the collective ego of the superior races , be it at an employer level or even the religious priests. Even homes suffer the same consequence at a smaller level.

    This struggle for power between good and evil has a pattern like the dawn of day and night.

    Does the sun really set ? No. It simply appears to set and thus is the victory of good over evil and vice versa is a phase before the next cycle sets in.

    Good is no good if it merely is the opposite of bad. “God”  in “his” goodness loves both the good and the bad. The rain falls on the cop and the thief.

    Is the thief really bad? Have not the rules of an unjust society really made a thief , a thief?

    Was not he too a small child helpless in his mother’s arms? And so was the cop.But the social conditions makes the clothes of good and bad for the cop and the thief.

    I am not justifying what is bad. But its high time to get over with the drama between good and bad and strive for mercy beyond these forces. Unfortunately “God” is merely a term defined by the so called “good” superior forces and this referred to as a Male force by many religions.

    If we love our enemies , we will win their friendship and love rather than add to the hatred, this is a beautiful line by Martin Luther king Jr.

    A simple maths equation says:

    (-5) +10 =+ 5 and (-10)+ 5 = -5  

    Between – 5 and +5 lies 0.

    A place of stillness. Its times we learn to accept the forces of evil and not fight them superficially.Rather with deep stillness , understand them with non violent drama.

    Only then some condition may emerge which will redeem us from suffering caused by the human drama.


    Its time to understand words like Mercy and Grace.

    Some say that this will favor the lazy but the so called justice will only make wars between good and evil.And when is something really good.

    The Good which we have defined is no good if it is jealous, wanting superiority, and will love those who love him/her.That is a mere opposite polarity of bad.


    Goodness is Divine. Full of mercy & grace.

    Something that cannot be explained in human language because it does not belong to the human realm.


    Shradha Bhonsle/ Singh

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