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Pilgrimage to Nonviolence

On Nov 14, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

Thank you and welcome to LIFE LESSONS 101  - ‘‘A second basic fact that characterizes nonviolence is that it does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent, but to win his friendship and understanding’’  In 2011, is this simple act still so difficult to understand? Does ego have full control?  and we are the uncontrollable,  do we have a higher intelligence to read this and understand, I’m in a quandary at the moment still reading this passage over and over again to find out where we don’t get it.. So, many portals - answers are given,  given from this passage and other passages,  throughout time like this one, with the same passion and commitment , but why don’t we understanding this in the modern world ??? 

Thank You Mr Martin Luther King Jr . And thank you to your father, who indeed also had great spiritual strength.. It just goes to prove the ‘ Voice’ of reason , compassion and empathy has the ‘Truth’, and those ‘truths’ move the world to a better non-violence place...   




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