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Finding the Deepest Joy in Relationships

On Nov 1, 2011 joanne wrote:

This was a lovely, thought provoking passage to read this morning.  In fact, I made myself a little 'work sheet' with the three question so I may work thru them every once in a while when I find myself strugling with a situation.

I would agree that there is immense joy in separating oneself from the expectation of a specific outcome in any situation.  I have accomplished this on occasion, but it is a challenge.  I am having a human experience so such is 'life'. 

While I do not so much label myself, I do find Buddhist philosophy comforting and it resonates deeply with me.  I seek to separate myself from attachement to outcomes but have observed so much of our conditioning and western societal teaching in contrary to this philosophy.  he notion of doing for another without expectation has been labelled as co-dependant behaviour by others.  WHile I am open to this consideration, returning to the question "Am I happy right now?" helps erase the frantic questioning within my brain and return to that source of peace.

As always, I am most grateful for these wonderful readings and the sharing of everyone's experiences.

Much love,



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