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Time Shifting vs Time Management

On Oct 31, 2011 beena hora wrote:

i wholeheartedly agree with the fact happiness is the consequence of my own actions. I have to create it myself.I am a teacher by profession and on the days I feel totally exhausted, I create a change which is turning on music of my choice in the car and turning on the volume. Believe me upon reaching home I am  fully refreshed and a different person. Depending fully on others for my happiness isn't a great idea. Also sometimes in adverse times, accepting and coping up well with the circumstances is also a good step towards your happiness. This is our ability to shift gears.If I ruin my present by sulking, moaning and groaning about the unpleasant things that are likey to happen isruining my own precious moments of life.

On Oct 20, 2013 Aruna wrote:

 Nice view, but there is always another alternative view. Even when we take all the positive steps, some relationships leave us scared for life. When a loved ones cheats on you.....or worst you see you previous daughter being cheat upon. I lived my pain.....but witnessing my poor child go through the same is too much. 

As  much as I believe in trust, it is always good to revisit and do health check ups on our relationships. Question the husband who lives alone for years, question there mysterious business meetings. Signs are all there. People give you hints.....but we in our blind faith forget to question!


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