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    On Oct 29, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

    Greetings to you all

    I’ve just read this passage for the second time, and even on the second time, I took a deep sigh

    I read the title again, and took a sigh..  ‘Finding the Deepest Joy in a Relationship’ Hmmm!!!    This is a lovely passage, interesting and questioning...

    But, I don’t know...  Love has no expectations; True love has no expectations- right?

    So if we have to question our level of love in the form of ‘Can I surrender to what is’, then it’s not the trust in ‘Love’ that we fear, it’s the lack of love, or understanding in our self’s that we question..   So if we have to do the three fold questioning and assessments of; 

    Am I truly happy right now? What blocks happiness? Can I surrender to what is?

    That in itself states your working on development – personal development..  And the other person you’re referring to in the relationship is but only a means for you to understand ‘SELF’ 


    Then assuming only a parent has a degree of deep understanding of selflessness from a giving ...  Hmmm, another sigh ...  I’m not completely convinced of that...  Do I really need to be a parent to give selflessly as that is only where my ‘experience’ will come from? 

     Hmmm!!!   Deep sigh.... Are we not all the experience of the relationship, to the journey of life?

    Anyway ..  It was good to ponder a questioning of Deepest-Joy and Relationship... 


    I don’t restrict my life to follow anything in particular,

    I joyously learn from everything, I practice the greater good of all,

    and, continue to grow from the soul..

    So, as a semi-oneness with ‘all’ and most probably an outsider in the whole...

    This passage just didn’t sparkle for me as the ‘Deepest Joy’ maybe, and just maybe, this short passage didn’t do justice on the entire ‘WHOLE’ passage of the learning...    I do not know works of EZRA, but thank you for sharing as I will learn from reading this book :-)


    Much love


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