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    On Oct 20, 2011 varsha wrote:

    This passage made me think of outer work and inner work, which often informs outer work and hence, is equally, if not more important.  There is a saying that "Work is an expression of who you are so who you are is what needs to be worked at."  I also read this poem that connects to this:

    Working Together

     We shape our self

    to fit this world

    and by the world

    are shaped again.

    The visible

    and the invisible

    working together

    in common cause,

    to produce

    the miraculous.

    I am thinking of the way

    the intangible air

    passed at speed

    round a shaped wing


    holds our weight.

    So may we, in this life


    to those elements

    we have yet to see

    or imagine,

    and look for the true

    shape of our own self

    by forming it well

    to the great

    intangibles about us.

    David Whyte

    (House of Belonging)

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