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Giving Somebody Your Heart

On Oct 17, 2011 L wrote:

I was very moved by this one. Recently I came to a sudden and powerful realization that the heart, rather than the mind, is the seat of depth in all interaction - whether personal or professional. While I am still trying to grasp the implications of this, the only way to practice this, it seems, is through truth. By being completely true, and by loving that truth more than anything else, we free ourselves from expectation and unfulfillment. In fact, the ring of truth is enough to silence the ego,which recognizes that the truth is so much more profound. This was especially highlighted by two incidents. When I met a friend who shared his presence so completely, even though we had met for the first time, I felt immensely grateful for helping me be in that space and made me realize the power of truth. Though our conversation was about very simple things, it simply gave everyone space to be honest. The second incident was when I was reading a book - 'Infinite Vision' - about the heart driving the mind and hands, resulting in an unusual service and a powerful work culture. The same thought of the heart being the fuel for everything else came to me. Thrice in one week - now, that is a message...

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