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    On Oct 16, 2011 harmohan banga wrote:

    i have this feeling or experience that if we try to give something for free for exp. a good advice, useful help without being asked and so on. most of times it is taken as negative.people dont understand the meaning of goodness .why? because they themself are not good, so according to their perspective  goodness does not exist.

                                  then someone will say that atleast we have done good and leave the, things dont finish here ,with little time they (whom we helped) start competing with us not a healthy competition but their trial to explain us that we are wrong.then it will take energy to stay away from them or not to listen to them or some other way.

                                 altogether it all started with some little pure hearted help.

                                what you think about it?

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    On Apr 14, 2013 Someone wrote:

    Dear Harmohan ji,

    What you have stated above does exist and I have experienced it myself. There are all kinds of people, some who would accept and motivate us very soon, others who would be tough to please and others who may express negativity even when you are being good.
    The understanding i derived from these experiences was that i did little good and wanted something back, in terms of acceptance, acknowledgement. I was limited. The tough and negative people who create problems, actually ask you to raise the bar. o not judge them or try to correct them, that hurts. Be even more kind, more loving, more forgiving. Be there for more sacrifices and support if you truly love them and want nothing in return. It is easier said than done.
    I did maintain a distance with people who were consistently bad after few attempts of being good But I forgave them. I also continued to care for their important needs though i kept myself away from day to day conversations. I was being taken for granted so that became less and I got some consideration from their end plus i freed myself from thinking and worrying about them too much.

    Hope this helps in some way.

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