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Living With a Rebel Within

On Sep 21, 2011 rachna wrote:

This passage reminded me of how we see our "selves" and our "stuff" (the "stuff" that's in our heads).  The awareness/intention is larger than the thought, emotion, action, etc.  How we are is equally, if not more important, than what we do.  I read this passage and thought of myself reading this passage (me as the reader, and me as the observer of the reader reading the reading).  :)  I'm sorry to miss coming to the gathering of inner-sights and shared reflections, esp. on a day that is regarded as Peace Day ( I know, it's a start as one day.  It's also a day to reflect on global truce/day of disarmament, but hypocritical in that a very probably innocent man is facing execution today (  May we all expand our hearts and minds to include all in love and compassion and forgiveness.

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