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Living With a Rebel Within

On Sep 20, 2011 JAFFRAY wrote:

Why is it that makes people place themselves lower/servile to the expression of another!?Dzogchen Ponlop-if that is his real name,which I doubt- merely regurgitates from "Rebel Buddha" The simplicity of life,its meaning, for each individual is contained within their intellectual reasoning center! It is from here the life experiences of YOU the inner awareness of the YOU of YOU that gives you the answers required for present existence! No Cohen can enlighten you! No Guru can teach a way that is higher than You youtself dictates! No teacher can teach you poetry! And no one holds the absolute correct answer,truth abou mind.illusion.dreams wakefulness and a never-ending spate of words, which is just 'words'. At all times you need to remember your self! There are a hundred different 'I's in you and most of us are all asleep,what you have within you are those 'I's that present a different face to your daily situations. Know your SELF and dispel with all books,Jesus Christs,Buddhas,Gurus  Preachers who tend to seek superior wisdom over what you now laud, beautiful,wonderful,inspirational,when really it is utter nonsense!! You can draw from silence within your meditative self all the wisdom/wealth/knowledge you require only a fool pays for TRUTH or pays for akk the money-grubbers with their money back gaurantees!!!  Forget about their worthless schemes and formulas it is false. Discern correctly.





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