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Living With a Rebel Within

On Sep 16, 2011 Conrad wrote:

Thanks much for the opportunity to respond. The only clarity I frequently experience is my not knowing. I'm very clear about being unclear. I often fool myself into thinking I am clear when I want others to be more like me. Unfortunately, that happens all too often. If I were more clear and more aware that I want people to see the world as I see it, there would be more peace and harmony in me and in the world. I too often wish to change other people rather than see  that I need  to accept everyone and everything as they are rather than change them to suit me. Once again my greatest clarity arises when I am clear about my not knowing, and when I am aware that my awareness is very limited but still fine. I find I am clearer when I remember to forgive myself often.Warm and kind regards to everyone.


How does the rebel within help me develop clarity?"

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