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Three Universal Human Processes

On Sep 16, 2011 Krishna wrote:

Just wanted to share with all you that we had wonderful sit on Wednesday with few old and few new folks. It is amazing to see that Wednesdays in Bloombar is slowly blooming in its own pace. Everybody had unique reflection on the reading " Three Universal Human Processes"  The passage emphasizes how important it is to be in self, self love and express that with one another, which eventually creates a greater community.  In this spirit, Wednesdays are meant to be a time to find our own self and express ourselves with a small group  and eventually manifest into a larger community, community of consciousness and harmony.

Besides the reflection from the reading, our discussion emphasized the importance of the smile and agreed that a smile can have such a contagious impact, which surely changes the entire atmosphere. And also everybody was so touched by the story, Ruth told us about the mowing community she and her husband have created in her neighborhood just a few blocks from Bloombar, and how they have inspired the whole community to step up to help each other and mow each other's lawn and maintain tidiness of the block throughout the year. Hoping to see the more detailed story in  someday soon.



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