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Three Universal Human Processes

On Sep 13, 2011 smile wrote:

This is a b'ful passage with so much value in it. I have experienced that being a great friend of self makes so much difference to inner peace and joy.Blaming oneself or fighting within, leaves you so weak and vulnerable as you are confused, not sure and negatively oriented about your own self.

As a teenager, I mostly fought with my own self and always put blame for anything which went wrong. This was I wasted so much energy and time into negative thinking and blocking my own growth. Later, after I became mature and became calm and supportive to self , my happiness and peace of mind were much more and my relations became healthier too. I realised that my mind was much less noisy now and this gave me more time and energy to work or relate as I wanted.

The comment below adds value to this too. Realising that we are part of the system and unify with all makes us considerate, loving and happy in every situation.

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