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Three Universal Human Processes

On Sep 10, 2011 Conrad wrote:

Thanks for the opportunity to respond. My first impression is that there is no growth without awareness. I was enlightened by what Angeles had to say. When we are aware that we are one with everyone and everything, there is no separate self. I frequently fail to notice that I'm one with everything and everyone, and when I fail to notice that I often have desires to be more and have more. Those desires make it difficult to be peaceful and harmonious. I expect our childhood influences affect how comfortable we are alone, or with another, or with a group. I rarely notice that I am no one going nowhere unless I'm writing a response to a I journey article. When I am no one going no where, which is to say no separate one who happens to be everywhere all the time,then when I am alone, or with another, or with a group makes little difference.


How does the awareness of my comfort level with the three universal human processes help me grow?"

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