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You Are Not a Prisoner

On Aug 24, 2011 Ganoba wrote:

 It may be useful to know hat Meditation.

Let me share my take on it.

In meditation we disengage with the outside world. To do this we become still and silent.

we just observe whatever is happening(going on ) inside and outside. We stop performing all actions that we can consciously control. Eyes are closed, mouth is closed and the limbs are not moved. This is all we can do or rather not do.

The rest happens. we just watch it happen. all the aches and pains in the body surface and move out. All the concepts, prejudices, traumas packed in the mind come up and are released. In time the soul/atman begins to shine forth in its full splendour.

We just watch and enjoy. Once we are freed of all bondages, we go forth and live our life. No more discussions and debates. just blissful living.

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